Facts presented by Israel

The government of Israel has released three “official” versions of what it contents are the facts surrounding its attack on USS Liberty on June 8, 1967. These reports include:

The Ram Ron Report (June, 1967)
The Yerushalmi Report (July, 1967)
The IDF History Report (1982)
The three reports all purport to derive their facts from the same set of evidence. This is interesting, as there are numerous factual contradictions between the three reports. In order to understand these different explanations, we have put together two separate presentations of the facts.

The Matrix Style presentation has separate columns for each report and then groups the subject matter comments together horizontally so that the reader may compare and contrast the allegations made by each report.

The Alternating Text Style presentation shows the same information, but displays it as normal text in alternating paragraphs by source. Again, these excerpts are grouped by subject matter.

Finally, and this is not intended to be taken seriously, there is the “Cristol Style” presentation. In this presentation, only the facts that are least helpful to Israel from each report are used. This presentation is so named because it imitates the style used by A.J. Cristol, the principal apologist for the Israeli government. The purpose of this presentation is not to display the facts accurately, but rather to show how intellectual dishonesty and perversion of the truth can result in a distorted presentation.