USS Liberty, a neutral ship in international waters, was attacked without warning by air and naval forces of the State of Israel on June 8, 1967. USS Liberty had not engaged in any provocative conduct, nor was she any kind of obvious threat to other ships or aircraft in the area.

In the days immediately following the attack, the United States Navy held an unusual and extremely abbreviated Court of Inquiry. The Court found that the evidence then available to it did not establish hostile intent. The Court did not have access to communications intercepts and other important items of evidence when it made this finding.

Aft of the Liberty, with its flag high in the breeze.
USS Liberty

Contrary to assertions made by Israel and its supporters, the United States has never officially accepted the explanation or excuses offered by Israel. Quite the contrary, the official U.S. position is that the attack was "quite literally incomprehensible" and showed a "wanton disregard for human life." (The word "wanton" was later removed, though the general concept remained.)

The Navy neither completed a full Court of Inquiry investigation, nor undertook any other, further formal inquiries concerning the Israeli attack on USS Liberty. Indeed, from the moment the attack started until today, no U.S. government body has undertaken any investigation into the culpability for the attack on USS Liberty.

This site seeks to fill that void by bringing forward all relevant, probative, and material evidence concerning the attack on USS Liberty. We will sift through the evidence, analyze the arguments made by the various parties and their supporters, and examine the applicable law. The USS Liberty Inquiry site should be viewed as a subsidiary of the more comprehensive USS Liberty Memorial site, which deals with all aspects of the attack, the coverup, and its aftermath, though each site runs independently. Though both sites cooperate with the Liberty Veterans Association, neither are affiliated with the LVA.

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