Horror and Pain

The Israeli attack on USS Liberty visited unremitting horror on the crew of the ship. Most people have been fortunate enough to have been spared the experience necessary to understand what happened to the crew.

In this section of the site, visitors may read accounts told by the Survivors of their experiences during the attack and its immediate aftermath.

“In conclusion, I respectfully submit that USS Liberty wrote another chapter in the great heritage of Navy gallantry and that her personnel, from Commanding officer to the most junior seaman, deserve the highest accolades and acknowledgement it is possible to bestow for their valor and acts of courage.”

The pain endured by Liberty crewmembers and their families has continued, unabated, for more than thirty-seven years. For many, it is continuing physical pain from the injuries sustained during the attack. All suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Perhaps the worst pain, however, is their loss of families, friends, and what the rest of us regard a “normal” life as a result of their experiences.

This portion of the site endeavors to provide visitors, to the extent possible, a glimpse into the present day realities of the Survivors and their families. A community for the great veterans to serve as an inspiration to the present military groups.

Families: Death on the USS Liberty: Questions Remain After 35 Years